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A brutal as fuck album of the deathcore/metal genre from the band Through The Eyes of The Dead.
Dude #1: Yo mang have you heard the new TTEOTD album Skepsis?

Dude #2: Na man is it tight?

Dude #3: Yeah son it's tig ol' bitties.
by AM-Unit January 28, 2010
A mushroom like fungus that grows on a mans gooch after he has put aside his hygiene for a period of time.
Mannn that bum over there smells like he's been growin a farm full of Gooch Shrooms.
by AM-Unit December 01, 2009
1. A verb that describes the action of using your teeth to grind down food for digestion.

2. A smokeless tobacco that was made popular by most redneck hicks that involves the process of sticking a pinch or dip into the inside of your lip.

3. Short for chewbacca, the brown furry thing from Star Wars.
1. One sec lemme chew my fuckin food before I talk out loud you ass.

2. "Can I get a dip of your chew bro?"

"Sure man but get a empty bottle so your not spittin that

shit on my floor.."

3. Damnn your singing sounds like Chew taking a shit.
by AM-Unit January 28, 2010
Taking a rather large chainsaw, preferably husqvarna, and inserting it into a cooter, or vagina. Aka "Chainsaw to the pussy"
Dude I gave your mom the poonsaw last night cuz she didn't stick her mouth on meh cock.
by AM-Unit December 28, 2007
When you wake up in the morning and you realized you smoked all your good bud last night so you have to roll a shake joint for wake n shake.
Fuck man... we smoked all our dank ass diesel and blueberry yumm yumm last night so we gotta roll a fuckin shake joint for shitty wake n shake.
by Am-Unit January 02, 2010

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