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This is someone who:
1-Wears only black, maybe red
2-Is female
3-has eclectic taste in music, movies, and literature
4-Wears black eyeliner, red lipstick, and no foundation
6-Is commonly called Goth or Emo, and hates both
7-can be surrounded by friends and utterly alone all at once
8-Has pessimistic tendencies, but calls herself a "realist"
9-Would buy an antique peace of jewellery as opposed to anything from Hot Topic
10-Refers to her style as 19th Century aristocratic
11-Is self conscience about her looks, and abilities
13-Everyone secretly wants to fuck or be her, but no one will admit it
Morticia Adams combined with Faith the vampire slayer with a dash of Elvira. Shake bake, and you've got yourself a vamp.
by ALIXTHEVAMPLOVER September 13, 2011
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