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Something rad that is the epitome of what made the 80s so amazing.
The ridiculous fashion of Madonna and Michael Jackson wore back in the day was incredibly 80s-tastic and influenced much of the amazing clothing found during that period.
by AKseacode April 29, 2006
The act of "accidentally" discovering something that was in fact, planned by you ahead of time in order to help you acheive your master plan that you were working for all along.
It was "accidentally on purpose" that DJ found another six pack of beer, just what she needed to seduce the unknowing country boy.
by AKseacode April 29, 2006
Scandalous actions, such as those offensive to morality or propriety.
That threesome I had with him and his evil step sista was the epitome of Scandalosity.
by AKseacode April 29, 2006
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