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The proverbial "little voice" in every girl's head that makes her question everything, decide nothing, react irrationally (but justifies the reaction with wicked jacked up logic), over think, and causes 98% of all drama in her life. The girl brain is all of the bad things that have ever been said to you and that you believe about yourself, it's your baggage surfacing and dictating how you interact with others.
He said - "I'm sorry, I am really busy tonight, can we do it tomorrow?"

Her girl brain said - "What is HE DOING? WHO IS HE WITH? What did I do? Is something wrong? Something must be wrong, is he seeing someone else? Probably that red-head from the coffee shop. I think I will go eat a gallon of icecream and watch lifetime."

What he meant was "I'm sorry, I am really busy tonight, can we do it tomorrow?"
by AKPolekat December 27, 2012
The quality or state of being flirtatious
He was amazed by Rose's Flirtility and it made him want her even more.

Studies have shown that brunettes flirtility levels are much higher than blondes, because they are compelled to try harder.
by AKPolekat December 27, 2012

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