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The Paliban are an evangelically infused political movement following a strict interpretation of Sarah Palin's life views. Paliban rule imposes draconian restrictions on women being allowed to self determine their own bodies. The Paliban are reactionary to science and prefer to base their beliefs on fear and faith. Environmental issues are generally brushed off or denied, because the rapture should take care of it, and the Paliban believes they will all be hoovered to heaven. Individual members of the Paliban are referred to as Palinistas. The Paliban has a particular fascination with tea bags and aren't particularly good spellers.
If you are not one of them, you are against all of them. You've been warned.
1.)The Paliban members are difficult to count since whenever they gather their numbers are greatly exaggerated by Fox news.

2.)I saw a member of the Paliban had made a facebook pledge to Palin, "I would die for you, I would kill for you."

3)The Paliban should not be confused with Pal-Qaida.
by AKLIB November 18, 2009

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