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Gooseman-Noun and or Adjective.

A level of awesome that is not easily attained. Men and women are born with this epic title, however, to be born with it you must be it, and that is a rare thing to be.

However, if a Gooseman male proposes to the girl of his choosing, she too, becomes Gooseman, and they go and create gooselings, thus, to be born with it. A female born with it will always have it. The title can also be given if a Gooseman deems you honorably awesome. This is a rare occurance.

Beware of false Gooseman, people who were born with it, but have turned away from their awesomeness. They cannot be trusted.

Common traits of a real Gooseman.

Red hair or beard. Enjoys fine tobacco and literature. Philosophical and embraces their Anglo-Saxon/Irish/Scottish heritage.

"That man is so Gooseman."
"Holy Shit, that Alex kid is so Gooseman!" "Gooseman approves, you two should get married and have gooselings, make the world a better place for awesome."

"That guy over there? Is he Gooseman? I can't tell?"

"No, he was, but he has fallen away from awesome, however, that man over there has had The title given to him." "Wow he must be awesome."
by AGooseman January 06, 2014

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