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Way of thinking, think's for self, not accepting of all ideas, including religion....a group of people who come together to promote critical thinking and self thought....

Man:Hey, you see John Edwards last night? He talked to the dead!

Skeptic: He uses something called Cold Reading, he isn't even very good at it.

Man:.....Smart ass

Skeptic: Dumb ass.
by AGENT-ADAIR November 22, 2005
Cheap soda in many flavors, again, made popular by the very funny (whether you like them or not) rap band Insane Clown Posse. Jugallos enjoy faygo showers
Jugallo: Want some faygo homie?

Eminem: No.

Jugallo: At least we're living in peace, eh?

Eminem: wanna have sex?

Jugallo: sure.
by AGENT-ADAIR November 04, 2005

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