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2 definitions by AGBoss

A unique and powerfull relationship amongst bros that words cannot define.
"Hey are those guys gay." "Nah man, they're just bromosexuals."

"I love you man. I don't know whats going on, I think I might be going bromo for you.."
by AGBoss May 12, 2009
The biggest boss comming out of H-town. Involved in many illegal acts of violence, this goes deeper than rap shit. He's worth 8 figures, so young niggas, boss up. I present to you, AG, The Boss....

Anyone whose initials are A and G, and who swaggas on one hundred thousand trillion.
Kid 1: "Yo look at that kid's swag!"
Kid 2: "He's such an AGBoss."

Guy 1: "Hey, here comes that AGBoss kid. Hes the shit!!"
Guy 2: "Definition of AGBossington right there!"
by AGBoss May 12, 2009