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The act of inserting grains of rice into a Chinese male's urethra, then ejaculating him so that his semen has a rice pudding-like consistency.
Mr. Wong was open to various types of sadomasochism, but oriental rice torture had always frightened him.
by ADizzleDonkey June 01, 2009
A lollipop or other piece of candy that has been inserted up one's ass and then shit out hours or even days later.
Ed vomited profusely when he discovered that the piece of candy his father had given him turned out to be a Bangkok Lollipop.
by ADiZZleDonKEY July 17, 2009
A gang bang involving 3 or more midgets who may or may not be dressed up like munchkins from the lollipop guild in "The Wizard of Oz."
The lollipop gang bang ended tragically when an obese woman crushed one of the midgets who was attempting to pleasure her.
by Adizzledonkey February 01, 2011
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