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1. frog mouth (n) A person who fails to keep information to themselves. Synonym: big mouth

2. to frog mouth (v) to tell someone something that you weren't supposed to
1. I can't believe you just told him that. You're such a frog mouth.

2. I promise I won't frog mouth to anyone.
by ADeHoyos July 06, 2005
(n) private parts -either male or female, animal or human. Synonym: bits
"My dog's got a dirty lewdie. He needs a bath."
by ADeHoyos July 06, 2005
Frika Frakka Ritter is the verbalisation of !#@%$*.

1. Frika frakka ritterer (n)
2. Frika frakka (adv)
1. (n) Used when an undesirable event occurs; one exclaims, "Frika frakka ritterer"!
2. (adv) Is also commonly used in its short form, e.g., "I'm so frika frakka right now!"
by ADeHoyos July 06, 2005

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