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13 definitions by ADOLF

this is a penis that is wider than it is in length a very unfortunate disease
dude i think i have a chode
by adolf October 13, 2003
That Kilroy-Silk has turned out to be a right closet nazi has't he?
by Adolf June 22, 2004
a blond-haired blue-eyed tall person from european countries such as austria, switzerland and germany. usually extremely big-headed and thinks that they are god's gift to earth, mankind and everything else. usually also quite retarded
that blond-haired blue-eyed tall bloke is a hitler child.
by adolf August 07, 2003
The line that runs across the middle of your balls.
Hey, my groid hurts.
by Adolf May 20, 2003
neil is a chode
by adolf October 17, 2003
Being the biggest and nerdiest Jew in the entire world.
Rosenbloom is a heeby jeeby, he loves going to synogouge every day.
by Adolf October 17, 2004