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A pile of ugly meat, veins of tangy mayo and drawn tightly over it all is a thin skin of sweaty pinkish cheese!

(created by: TheRealBradNeely)
I can't even eat one fish titty cuz I had too many Stallone Cuts on my 3rd coffee break.
by ADAMANT2007 January 12, 2011
An ninja-esque attack, using the "power of the poon"; A female will utilize this sneak attack on a man to overpower him to her advantage, to obtain her female desires (i.e. sex, money, clothes, etc.). Only by mastering this skill can a female be known as... a VANINJA!

TOOLs are usually susceptible and very easy targets for the VANINJA.
Some clues of the VANINJA:
-Low cut shirt that exposes hella cleavage
-Always rubbing on dudes
-Always hanging on dudes
-Sucking up
-Sexually suggestive
-Wears tight clothes to show-off curves
-Whore-ish dancing
-Exclaims how DRUNK she is
by ADAMANT2007 April 05, 2011

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