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| dü sh - bag |

1. a feminine hygiene product used for vaginal lavage.

noun (slang)
2. an arrogant male, typically in the second to third decade of life, with an affliction characterized by offensive behavior, often attention-seeking in nature, due to an inflated sense of self-importance.

ORIGIN mid 18th cent (as a noun): via French from Italian doccia
That Scottsdale thirty-thousand dollar millionaire just cut me in line; What a douche bag.
#db #duche #duchebag #tool #dick
by ACSDORS October 08, 2011
noun (slang) -

1. an arrogant male who abuses his seniority for the sole purpose of inflating his sense of self-importance.

2. a co-worker who out ranks you and feels it necessary to give you trivial tasks that he should do himself because he is subconsciously threatened by the quality of your work.
That acsdors asked me to make copies for him.
#db #douche bag #task-master #idiot boss #napoleon complex
by ACSDORS October 08, 2011
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