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Astornauts have nothing to do with the American AstrOnauts.
Astornauts are the Chinese version of their American counterparts.
Think of the kittens and/or astornauts!
by ACM October 19, 2005
Originated on the site ChavScum.co.uk, used to describe the odd relationship allegedly inbred chavs have with other (male) members of their family.

Probably obviously, it derives from brother, uncle, and dad, and it has been quoted as "merely being uncle dad with 2 extra letters".

No-one, as of yet, has managed to figure out how a person might become brother, uncle, and father all to the same person.

A suitably humourous female counterpart has yet to be coined.
That chavette only has a dummy in her mouth to keep in all the spooge she drained from her bruncledad's nutsack.
by ACM September 14, 2006
The instintanious stimulation of asian gland causing panic and euphoria resulting in a dispersal of all bodily fluids through all available escape routes
Will Seymour was introduced the Asian Persuation and feces was released through both eye sockets giving him a chocolate eyeball
by ACM June 23, 2007

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