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Anti Christ Devils Child is not what AC/DC means, jackass. They got it from the back of a sewing machine. It means Alternate Current Direct Current
I know seven AC/DC songs with the line, 'Pick up the phone.'
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 22, 2004
1) Abbreviation for Your the man now dog!
2) Funny website, I made some crap there.
Captain, Jean-Luc Picard the USS Enterprise. Awesome.
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 15, 2004
1. The complete opposite of the Stairway To Heaven

2. An AC/DC classic. I love it.
..."I'm on a Highway to Hell"...
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 August 23, 2004
Worse than homework, you wanna go, but you feel as though a baby is coming out your asshole sideways. Laxatives, Metamucil, and enemas help. Enemas suck
I haven't shat in 4 days, now I have to stick jelly in my arse.
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 14, 2004
A definition of MTV, a channel that defined itself wrong
VH1: Today were gonna have some AC/DC, Queen, REM, Outkast, and Metallica

MTV: Yeah we're gonna have like, some teen shows and shit, and then some bad reality show, 70 episodes of Real World, uh, like, some Punk'd too, and lets not forget Jackass, with like, the CUTEST person like ever!!!! And we're also gonna force some 12 year olds to think our stuff is cool. Uh, oh yeah, we'll have some, uh, *checks through record archive* lets see, AC/DC, Queen, Metallica, REM, ugh, this is good music, we'll like have some Blink182 or something at one point.
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 July 05, 2004
Synonym for hell. A Pink Floyd song gave you the message short sweet and to the point.
We don't need no education...
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 June 02, 2004
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