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Consist of placing a piece of raw chicken and buttermilk in a mason jar or an empty baby food jar. Make sure to close it up tight. Used as revenge and placed in the targets home, car or office. After a few days the concoction will ferment, break the jar and emit the most foul smell one can imagine. Best if used after one breaks up with a significant other or gets fired from a job.
Uncooked Shrimp can be substituted for chicken in which it becomes a Shrimp Time Bomb or both can be combined for maximum stench.
C-Dawg: He Lil' Dude, why haven't you been at work?

Lil' Dude: Man they fired me, said I was on UrbanDictionary.com too much.

C-Dawg: That sucks!

Lil' Dude: Don't worry, I'll get my revenge, I left a Chicken Time Bomb in the breakroom.
by ABiggs November 09, 2006

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