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Abbreviation of "No One Gives A Flying Fuck". Used by Pu kiddies to stop conversations dead in their tracks or just to tick people off by showing a strong lack of interest.
<meeps> nogaff about your burberry
by ABU5E April 02, 2004
from the UT "Godlike" and the UT2k4 player chug
* mrew was eviscerated by a pupae
by ABU5E September 28, 2004
from the englist pronounciation of jij, which is dutch for you
<chug> Mrew is lame
<mrew> jidge
by ABU5E September 28, 2004
Taken from a hypothetical irc code for a random variable. Now used as an abbreviation for random actions or an unknown person. Used by Pu Kiddies
1) I downloaded some $rand tracks by ZZ Top

2) Who is that $rand who just banned me?
by ABU5E April 02, 2004
people who imitate meeps/numb1/other Pu members without being in the clan.
<meeps> FO freakeh
<freakeh> u
<meeps> u

(freakeh is the kiddy)
by ABU5E July 16, 2004
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