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BroDizz: (Noun) A reference on more than one level. Derived from the english name Brodie, BroDizz has an obvious play on of the name. However, it is a double Entendre as the Bro is also a term of endearment for a cultural reference of brother. it also can paralell gangster, homie and on the rare occasion bff. Dizz is added on at the end to close out the word and captivate its slang influence from north american icons. Mainly, Snoop Dogg has been the rap artist assosciated with addint the "IZZ" ending. A word in this context when used out of the love in your heart provides ultimate swagger and gives the influence of a gangster love.
1) BroDizz, what are you doing tonight?

2) I was gonna go out, but my BroDizz was bein a boss hanging in the ghetto ;)

3) BroDizz is just a bro
by ABPS31 November 14, 2010

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