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For pleasure or reproduction: putting ones penis into another vaginas or into an asshole
I kissed her, slowly at first, then deeper when she started pushing herself into me. I grabbed her around her waist and she jumped on me her legs wrapped around my waist. I walked to the poker table with her still on me. I set her on the poker table and she started taking my shirt off. I pulled off her dress. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. I unhooked her bra and took it off of her. She hopped off the poker table and knelt down and pulled down my boxers. She rubbed my dick until it was hard, she then kissed my dick and licked the tip, then put her whole mouth around my penis and began to deep-throat me. The perfect oral sex. She soon stopped and pulled off her thong, jumped on the poker table and opened her legs. She pulled me towards her. I paused right before I stuck it in. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her. She started to whisper in my ear, telling me to fuck her harder. I started to push my dick farther and farther into her vagina and she screamed with pleasure. I went balls deep into her and kept hitting the back of her vagina. Going deeper and deeper, until she fell back on the poker table and I climbed on top of her.. The harder and harder I worked her, the more the poker table squeaked. I worked her hard for a while until we both started to orgasm. When we felt my hot cum fill her vagina and surround my dick. Soon I pulled out and she stood up.
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz9876 September 15, 2012
Money Flow Mafia started out in a Detroit, Michigan suburb named Clinton Township. It was nothing but a small underground rap group. As the rap group gained more and more attention the name Money Flow Mafia beggan to carry into several other suburbs in the Detroit area as small gang style groups but very rarely did the seperate factions have contact with one another. While disorganised these groups traveled in fairly large numbers and operated as a fight crew protecting each member as if they wee brothers. To this day Money Flow Mafia is still alive and strong in many Detroit area suburbs while being much more organized for example you will find each area has one established leader called "Made Men" that calls the shots of all members or turf bangers known as "Hitmen" within his turf boundaries, and there is an unknown man that runs all operations of the group and over rules all elses word known as the "Capo di Tutti" or "Boss of All". The official colors are now Grey and Black, Clinton Township is known as the motherland for this group. Not much else is known about this group except for its rapid growth and the code of silence known as the "Omerta" each member is required to take before he partakes in the initiation. What takes place at initiation is currently unknown. Identifiers for this group are Grey and Black bandannas, tatoos of a top hat over the letters MFM, or similar graffiti tags.
Dude one:Did you hear that new track by Money Flow Mafia?

Dude two:Yeah, I heard it when 7 cars full of Hitmen pulled up and jumped this guy that didn't pay his protection fee after he was given an extension.

Dude one: Who would be dumb enough not to pay that, they've gotten me out of so much trouble I never mind paying that.

Dude two: Yeah, I don't know what I would do without Money Flow Mafia...

Hitman: Hey! you guys got your protection payments for this month?

Dude two: Uhm... oh shit.

Hitman: You are dead!

Dude one: RUN!!!!

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