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FYPD is an acronym for Fuck You Plug Dj. in regards to the many maintenance shut downs plug.dj (a music based fan site for all audiophiles) has been having. This acronym has been modified from it's original FFTT which was Fuck You TurnTable (RIP Turntable.fm).
OliveJuiceCA: Let's see whats going on in the Lala land room Plug.
Plug.dj: Sorry shut down for maintenance.
OliveJuiceCA: FYPD!!!!
#fypd #plug.dj #lala land #fytt #turntable.fm #music site
by ABBRYAN February 27, 2014
When you are taking a shower with someone and they pass gas turning your hot steamy shower into a gas chamber!

Being tricked into entering a shower and it ends up being a gas chamber.
Angie why did you run out of the bathroom?

I was taking a shower with Bill, and he gave me a Jewish shower!
#jewshower #gasssed #gas chamber #fart #shower fart #steam shower
by ABBryan January 04, 2011
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