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Similar to Crackhead, but with a opposite racial inference since meth use is primarily associated to, but not exclusively to white people.
Hey, Where'd you go last night? I when to my girls house, but I had to drive through the westside on broad, where all the methheads are.
by AB Dan July 18, 2006
Doing any form of general cleaning. Used primarily in the Merchant marine (civilian) sea going work environment. But not exclusive to.
Hey man, I need you to soogie the bulkheads (walls) in the Pway (Passageway/hallway) before we knock off for the day.
by AB Dan July 17, 2006
Old navy nickname for a Signalman. The Signalman was a rating from 1921-2004. Consisted of primarily of Visual Communications between ships. Morse Code via Flashinig signal light, Semaphore hand/flag signals and Signal flags flow from a halyard (Line) on the mast of a ship and basic naval honors and ceremonies. Time and Technology finally caught up to this Job skill, which most who have mastered it consider it a now lost art form.
Those damn Skivvie Waver's are a bunch of skates!! We're down here sweepin' and swabbin' and they just sit up there on the Signal Bridge and drink soda and eat geedunk.
by AB Dan July 18, 2006
White person acting black.
Look y'all, bunch of little wiggots trying to mack up on some sistas.
by AB Dan July 17, 2006
A male/female who entire outlook is based on only what they have learned/seen/done/heard of or heard done in the hood. They have no desire/seem afraid to leave the hood and see different things in life. And when outside the hood, they behave in a manner that lets everyone know that they are from no where else BUT the hood. They dismiss anyone or anything that is different to what the hood has taught them. To them, if it's not hood, it can't be right.
I went down to the mall today to catch a movie and the mall was full of hoodrats. they act like they have never been anywhere or seen anything before.
by AB Dan July 18, 2006

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