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4 definitions by AARgeek

Hott guitarist from The All American Rejects. Awsome at guitarist too!
try to play some of the solo's he does...
by AARgeek January 22, 2004
A very good band that most guys don't apperciate b/c their girlfriends are too busy drooling over the hot ass lead singer/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler and their jelous b/c there's no way in hell that someone could look as hot as these two guys. Best song by them would have to be the Cigarette Song. So all of you need to shut the hell up and take some time and really listen to them cause they're kick ass.
The All American Rejects roxers ur boxers!
by AARgeek January 22, 2004
1)to do something that totally makes u look like a loser
2)when you do something that makes u look stupid and you try to redeam yourself but you cant
3)when someone falls or bails when skateboarding/snowboarding/etc.
DUDE! You so just DERAILED!
by AARgeek January 22, 2004
when proven wrong people usually say this in order to rub it in your face that they proved you wrong
"He was gay I tell you"
"then why is he kissing that girl?"
by AARgeek January 22, 2004