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One of the biggest states in America. Unfortunately, it has fallen prey to the biggest negative stereotypes in America, most of which come from people who have never even been to the place.

Ironically, one of the biggest stereotypes that Texas faces is that everyone there is racist. The people that follow this belief are racist themselves, not to mention hypocritical, for believing the stereotype.

I am a Texan. I do not fall under any of the stereotypes that are floating around. Any ignorant bastard that believes them can go fuck themselves.
Dipshit: So where are you from?

Texan: I'm from Texas.

Dipshit: What? Fuck you! I bet you have sex with your sister every night wearing a cowboy outfit and country music on the stereo on full-blast! Why don't you just burn and die you racist bastard!

Texan: Um... I hate country music, I've never worn anything that a cowboy would wear, I'm not racist, and having sex with relatives is illegal even in Texas, and I wouldn't want to do that anyway...

Dipshit: Huh? Is it really illegal?

Texan: ...You've never been to Texas, have you?

Dipshit: Well, no...

Texan: Damn hypocritical racists...
by A.Proud.Texan December 22, 2010

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