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Sexual intercourse between two morbidly obese people.
He called an escort service because the only women in his singles group who would talk to him were as fat as he was, and that would have been mission impossible.
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by A. Hick July 23, 2006
A term used to describe an athletic body type (i.e low body fat, flat stomach, etc.) in an online dating or chat profile. Mostly used in gay men's profile's online, the term has a generally positive or desirable connotation and covers all aspects of the "in shape" physique, not just the sport of swimming. Contrast with more disingenuous sports related body type euphemisms like linebacker build or football player build (fat), and runner build (skinny).
WGM, 22, 6'0"/175# Brn/Grn, lean, tight swimmers build.
#athletic #toned #ripped #lean #tight
by A. Hick July 22, 2006
A psycho-sexual disorder characterized by many women’s self-destructive desire for only dangerous, abusive, well hung men. Sometimes known as the “Diceman Fixation.”
Feminists will always be perplexed by their inability to ever influence the thinking of the millions of women who suffer from the Big Dick Syndrome.
An extreme example of the Big Dick Syndrome is found in the clinical case history of "Sherrie." When given the choice between Trey, a handsome, compassionate guy with two graduate degrees, a vacation home in Hawaii, great oral technique and a rock hard five inch penis that could last at least an hour inside her, she chose instead Larry, an unemployed carpenter, high school “vo-tech” dropout, and NASCAR groupie who ruptured her cervix with a .357 magnum long barreled revolver one night when he was too drunk to get his spongy nine inch penis erect.
#pindick #one eyed monster #aol inches #diceman #blonde
by A. Hick June 13, 2008
A pot-bellied, butt-ugly Jewish guy with a huge penis (around 9 “real” – not AOL inches) who was a porn superstar during the 1970s and ‘80s urban “grindhouse” heyday. He was ugly enough every man in American likely to venture into a seedy, semen-stained pre-internet porno theater could identify with him, and his freakish endowment provided the necessary vicarious fantasy fulfillment the less endowed, but likely pot-bellied, audience sought. Unlike the cadaverously creepy John Holmes, he survived the “AIDS eighties” and is still active in the industry as a producer, director, and (believe it or not) occasional actor. One of his more recent “starring” roles was in a film entitled, appropriately, “One Eyed Monster.”
I showed this girl I am interested in a face and body photo of Ron Jeremy alongside a close up shot of my fully erect 5.5 inch penis, and to my utter dismay, she told me she would rather go to bed with me.
#beer gut #bear #porn star #toolshed (#10) #footlong hotdog
by A. Hick November 23, 2009
A unit of measurement for determining the length and girth of an erect penis. Used exclusively by men (usually but not always gay men) in online dating or chat profiles, the unit, while not uniform, often corresponds roughly to 1.5 American or English system inches. For example a standard 6 inch long penis becomes 9 AOL inches, etc., though the "average" AOL inch length appears to be between 8-9. Despite the name, AOL inches are now used universally online, not just on AOL anymore.
36, 6'3", 190 lbs., br, br, buzzed, stache, regular guy here, 8.5"c thick (NOT AOL inches).
#penis #length #measurement #inflation #erection
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
A discreet way of refering to a circumcised male in a socially positive way. The term defined whole generations born in the United States during the "hygienic" circumcision craze, and on its surface would appear to refer to neatness or tidyness in a general sense. Golly gee whillikers.
Beaver Cleaver and Dennis the Menace were the ultimate TV archetypes for the clean cut All-American boy.
#foreskins on toast #baby boomer #crew cut #high and tight #boy scout #masturbation #hairy palms
by A. Hick July 25, 2006
Classic GI and prison chow line dish consisting of dried chipped beef in cream sauce poured over toasted light bread. The name seems to have originated in the U. S. Navy during World War Two. Intact sailors were "strongly encouraged" by Naval doctors and corpsman to undergo adult circumcisions for "hygienic" and "health" reasons. Apparently it was believed then (and to some extent now) that circumcised men have lower rates of infection with sexually transmitted disease during unprotected sex, and since horny sailors will often do reckless things when on shore leave (and more discreetly when on board ship) the age old religious rite of clipping the cod was vigrously promoted as a newflangled "scientific" solution for an age old military problem. Given the reputation for navy food anyway, and the obvious surplus of extra "meat" available, it is not surprising why the name stuck, and became somewhat legendary. The dish, though, is quite distinct from shit on a shingle.
I hear Kilroy got clipped. Looks like we're having foreskins on toast again.
#shit on a shingle #mystery meat #circumcision #foreskin #pig in a blanket #monkey dick
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
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