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The first Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) rank one achieves while in the Marine Corps.
Semper Fi, corporal!
by A. A. Ron April 18, 2005
An awesome Dropkick Murphys song. Also, a euphemism for alcoholism.
Drop me off, sign me in, clean me up and let me out
Man that nurse is a bitch, this sucks, she says my jug ain't allowed
I've had my share of Mt. Pleasant messiahs wearing slippers & robes, trying to bum my smokes
I'm gonna Thorazine shuffle straight out that door
Head to the farm and find me a cure

--Dropkick Murphys "Sunshine Highway"
by A. A. Ron August 13, 2006
Used to describe irony, or a situation when one feels nothing else could go wrong.
(when a tire goes flat after visiting the tire dealer) Fuckin' figures!
by A. A. Ron February 25, 2005
Redneck term for oil.
Hey Bobby, pass me that cookin' erl!
by A. A. Ron May 14, 2005
Goes along with ustacould.

Used in place of "may be able to," in redneck vernacular.
Well I ustacould, gimme a minute I mightcould again.
by A. A. Ron April 05, 2005
Redneck or hillbilly vernacular for picture.
Hey man, where we gon' hang that pitcher?
by A. A. Ron March 03, 2005
Redneck jargon for courtroom.
Jyoo see that perty lil lawyer in the cortrum yestiddy?
by A. A. Ron May 14, 2005

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