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The best affliction one can obtain in a scary movie. Werewolves can only be killed by silver whereas vampires are killed by crosses, stakes, holy water, and the death of their vampiric leader. According to the movie Van Helsing, the only thing that can kill Dracula is a werewolf.
Dracula: Ima bout' ta take over tha world!

Regular Guy: Oh Sh!T! Full moon! -changes into a werewolf-

Werewolf: Wussup now b!tch?!
by A-Whack April 26, 2008
The greatest game system of all time, hands down. N64 is what kept me sane from 2nd grade to my freshman year in high school.
And on the eighth day, God said: Let there be Zelda on Nintendo 64! And God saw that this was, and it was good.
by A-Whack March 12, 2008
A term that used to deem some respect before it was coined by a sellout and made into a dance.
Guy 1: Ey' man is you a soulja?

Guy 2: Heeeeeel no.
by A-Whack February 25, 2008
The dump that you take right before leaving school or the workplace, usually because no one else is in the bathroom at this point.
Male 1- Hey man, you ready to go?

Male 2- Yeah dude just a sec, I gotta make my last shitment.
by A-Whack April 06, 2008
Properly spelled: Tha Carter. This is one of the many names that Lil' Wayne goes by, and he's allowed to do this because he's the hottest rapper out there.
Come on lil mama let tha Carter make ya.
(Lil Wayne, Fireman)

Guy 1: Did you hear Lil Wayne's new album, The Carter?

Guy 2: You are so white.
by A-Whack February 25, 2008
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