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The adult male Scrotum.
Sarah tried to kick my leg and missed, hitting me instead in my "hairy beanbag."

Julie looked like she wanted it, so I directed her to begin nursing upon my "hairy beanbag."

After much stretching I was able to drape Mollie's face with my fleshy negation, my "hairy beanbag". Sealing her grill in the warm embrace of my glistening "hairy beanbag", although not tearing my "hairy beanbag", I surely put it's elasticity to the test.
by A pimp called 'Slickback' May 01, 2006
A person who tends to push very hard to get the best end of the deal. Or, a person who is very high maintinence once a deal is made.
"I told this guy the car/TV/crack rock was $200 and he kept on trying to talk me down for 30 minutes, what a "nut cutter."

"The hitman agreed he would cap my cheating boyfriend for $3000 and a gas card, now he wants to haggle over the AMOUNT of the gas card. What a "nut cutter!"
by A pimp called 'Slickback' May 01, 2006
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