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An uncommon sexual act whereby one person kneels naked on their hands and knees (doggy style). The other person takes their penis and ejaculates all over the kneeling person's back, being careful to leave a sticky trail down the other person's spine. Then, the standing person takes an electric razor and shaves part of their pubic hair. Finally, taking a handful of hair, they sprinkle it along the sploogy trail where it sticks, forming a mane.

This is often used as an initiation practice in college fraternities. The "pony" created would then have to canter around campus in the middle of the night, making horse noises and waking up some of the dorm residents, until quickly spirited away by the pony creator, before the law arrives.

note: definition courtesy Gabe.
An' now Ah'm gonna give you an' electric pony. skeet skeet skeet, bzzzzz; awwwww, lookit that mane!
by A card in the wind April 04, 2006
Quite possibly the most sex anybody can have with a woman at once and keep it satisfying for everyone. This little-known sexual "position" consists of eight guys (or alternatively, shemales or maybe hermaphrodites) and one girl/woman (or hermaphrodite)for a total of nine people. The penises are allocated as follows: one in her mouth, one in her vagina, one in her rectum, one for each of her hands (making two), one for each of her feet (making two as well), and finally, one between her breasts. Needless to say, this requires some careful manoevering among the men in order to prevent knees and elbows from accidentally ending up in people's faces, and to avoid a general bruising up of all involved. The actual positioning of the people doesn't matter so much; as long as all of the above mentioned holes/surfaces are filled, it is an nine-way. This is one way to have an "instant orgy".
"Sooo...what were you up to this past weekend, dude?"

"On Saturday, I was busy with a nine-way."

"No way, dude?!?! How did you swing that?"

"Well, we were all sitting around recovering from the gnarly party last night, and we started talking about sex, and pretty soon we were all really horny. We were talking about nine-ways, so we just decided to try it."

"DUUUUUDE! Next time that happens, you better invite me, man; we could have had a ten-way!"

"I don't know; that chick was pretty much full, man; you could have tried for an armpit or something, I guess."
by A card in the wind December 29, 2005
A person who is very horny and likes to masturbate a whole hell of a lot. Also has much sexual knowledge. Usually a guy (hence, SIR wacksalot). May also have a S/M reference, I'm not sure. Usually is a very proud pervert, who has a sense of sexual honor to uphold.

Also spelled "Sir Whacks-a-Lot"
dude"That dude is, like, a total sir wacksalot. I can't believe how open he is about what he does. He shouldn't be talking about that stuff around here."

dudette"well, he's MY hero!"

group: big stares from half, coughing from 1/4, smiles from 1/4
by A card in the wind November 28, 2005
A typical rhyme as created by the one and only AEB, maestro of parrotrap productions. A typical 'bonch is a rhyme of anywhere from 2 to any number of lines, usually rhyming on alternate lines, but not always, and occasionally freeform non-rhyming verse. The content may be about anything, but usually contains obscure historical references, fragments of personal writings of others creepily stolen off of their webpages, perverse sexual references, and the obligatory autistic metaphors, similies, non-sequiturs, and allusions that make a bandyret bonch such a rich art form. An excellent example of one is as follows (this is in the form of a limerick):

There once was a boner named speed,

Who straw an incredible screed,

he dank in the pop,

with a whizz and a lop,

and crew it all tooty and weed;


Another form of bandyret bonch is the rap rhyme, usually quite rhythmic and also quite non-sensical to the average person. An example is as follows:

poison, get your noise on,
away from this noisome
nuisance. Now, dance, dance,
pants yo' ants; zoo-e, crewy
too. Da bald man dance as
fast as France; did-n't
you wish you could, too?
(Toucan Sam, he's yer man!)

(please note that this and all bandyret bonches are copyright 2005-6-whenever Parrotrap Productions, inc. and using one or more without permission from said organization (or at least giving proper credit as to author and publisher) gives them permission to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.)
person 1: "Only in L.A., a psychadelic day..."

person 2: "Ohohohohohoh Ohmygawd! You're starting my favorite bandyret bonch; I LOOOOOVE this one!"
by A card in the wind April 23, 2006
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