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A rather deformed face meant to display the expression that trolls have whilst angering people.

It was formed by a man who calls himself "Whynne" on a whim; it was a short comic displaying the fantasy and reality of trolling on the web...

In other words, faggotry is the result of an uneducated opinion being surpressed by people with actual brains, and thus, the idiot decides to troll, rather than the troll making, and I quote: "Intentional logical fallacies."
The trollface is often followed by raeg.
by A Terrible Driver August 01, 2009
A visual novel turned manga/anime. The actual gameplay is the typical dating game. You play as Makoto Ito as you date and eventually develop a loving relationship between either Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, or six other beautiful young women.

But it is at the endings when this game rears its ugly head. It is infamous for its three notoriously gruesome "Bad" endings, which either involve Makoto being stabbed by Sekai, Kotonoha committing suicide in front of Sekai and Makoto, scarring them for life, or Kotonoha outright killing Sekai while on a date with Makoto.

But when it came time to create an anime, Studio TNK decided that it wasn't horrifying enough. And thus, there was only one ending...the yandere ending, where Makoto is stabbed by Sekai, Kotonoha severs the head from the body, Sekai's neck is slit by Kotonoha, and Kotonoha lives Happily Ever After with what's left of her boyfriend/corpse.

So Yeah

It is worth knowing that there are actually 21 possible endings, including the downer endings.

If you watch the show, beware of the idiot plot and the yandere psychopaths
A friend of mine decided to watch School Days, thinking it was a standard harem. She was scarred for life.
by A Terrible Driver August 06, 2009
Someone who is lazy, or lazier than hell. They just sit around, not doing anything important...

Examples of these lazy old assholes:

Most Politicians (Of fucking course)
B-movie writers (BET ON IT)
B-movie animators (*Stiffly turns around*)
The creators of little cars (The ripoff of Pixar's movie Cars)
The KKK (Too lazy to find the actual problems and blame it on diversity)
Fundamentalists (Find "answers" in a book rather than actually trying to find it, which is actually more trouble than it's worth)
Nazis (See KKK, except with a different kind of diversity)
Westboro Baptist Church (These guys blame everything on God's wrath at homosexuals...even the KKK thinks they're nutjobs)
And of course, the Average Man (Don't deny it, we're all fucking lazy)
And he just sat there...what a bump on a log.
by A Terrible Driver August 15, 2009
Can you say ridiculous? Well, when you finally decide that being awesome just isn't enough, you go Beyond the Impossible.

Simply put, going beyond the impossible is when one decides to, say, make a giant robot several hundred thousand light years tall. Yes, I am referencing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

This can also apply to going Gatling guns akimbo, playing "Sweet Child of Mine" with one's teeth, and even a functional, simultaneous One Man Band.

Of fucking course.
"Oh how stupid of me. That was the sound of chainsaw Nunchucks."

Beyond the impossible indeed.
by A Terrible Driver August 14, 2009
People often want to die quickly and end their lives in a fashion that doesn't alert their friends. What's a man to do?

Simple; make yourself taller.

This is a euphemism for Hanging one's self. This is based off of a rather humorous scene in the anime "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei," Where the titular character, literally named "Despair" in Japanese, tries to hang himself before a cheerful and exceedingly optimistic girl by the name of "Kafuka Fuura," who states that her mother, father and many people in her family have tried to "Make themselves taller."

Yes, they were all suicidal.
The /v/ equivalent to /a/'s Make yourself Taller is "Summon your Persona"
by A Terrible Driver December 05, 2009
A high quality anime studio. Known for its innovations in digital animation and its (HOLY SHIT, IT'S A FUCKING ANIME FACTORY) numerous projects, including Ghost in the Shell (The 1995 film), FLCL or Furi Kuri (Created alongside Studio Gainax), The Anime scene of Kill Bill (Requested by Quentin Tarantino), the Introduction animations to numerous games including Children of Mana and Sonic Riders, and over 9000 other animations.
Man, Production IG sure knows how to kick ass.
by A Terrible Driver September 03, 2009
What is both crazy and awesome? This. When someone's wild, impossible antics in a TV show would end with them being placed in the funny farm, but instead ends with them becoming incredibly endearing within the hearts of the viewer simply because...it's crazy and awesome.

This can also apply to going beyond the impossible and breaking the laws of reality (Have you seen a tap-dancing Paperclip? Neither have I, but it matches the criteria.)

Visualized, Crazy awesome would be a bear with a cigarette, wearing a bandanna, wielding an AK-47, arms raised prepared to maul an innocent bystander whilst surfing on the back of a Great White Shark.

Comes with praise, happiness, and the occasional lulz
Pillow fights: Man vs. woman, fun; Man vs. man, gay; Woman vs. woman, sexy; Man vs. Pillow, crazy; Pillow vs. Pillow, Crazy Awesome.
by A Terrible Driver August 12, 2009
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