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4 definitions by A J Dinny

A non-blood-relative who is listed as your brother on facebook. (See also, facefamily).
You: What's this invite for dude? We're not related!

Me: Haha, I know man. I just want you to be my facebro!
by A J Dinny November 22, 2010
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A non-blood-relative listed on facebook as your father. (See also, facefamily)
Kyle: Who's that guy? That's not your dad, is it??
Kerry: Haha! No, that's just my friend Si. He's my facedad.
by A J Dinny November 22, 2010
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A non-blood-relative listed as your mother in your facebook profile. (See also, facefamily)
Stan: Dude, that's not your mum! I've met her!
Eric: Lol, nah that's just my facemum.
by A J Dinny November 22, 2010
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A group of people who are not blood relations listed on facebook profile as a member of your immediate family (e.g. mother (facemum), father (facedad), brother (facebro) or sister (facesis).)
Charlie: You're pretty close with Fin, aren't you?
Adam: Yeah, he's one of my best friends and a facebro.

Dan: I didn't know you had a brother, dude.
Josh: Oh, lol, I don't really. That guy's just part of my facefamily. None of my real family actually has facebook!
by A J Dinny November 22, 2010
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