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1)a KKK member without the suit on
2)all the people who rioted outside the white house, for no reason other than hating on Obama
3)all the retards that voted for George Bush
4)people who think global warming will melt all the "mexicans"
5)anyone who thinks people with brown skin want to bomb them
6)People who thought voting for Obama would end the recession, make them skinny, make them rich, explain what Canada is, make life cheap, make them skinny, or give them a ferrari overnight
(watching riots outside the white house)
Terrance: Can you believe this, those guys are calling Obama a Nazi.
Philip: Wait, isnt that a Neo Nazi tattoo on that guys arm?
Terrance: Sure is, typical Obama Haters
Phillip: Dude, does that guy really have three arms?
Terrance: Sure does, typical inbreeding Obama Haters
#obama #hater #america #usa #nigger #canada #obama hater #nazi #retard #idiot #inbred #dipshit
by A Canadian Dipper August 28, 2010
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