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The feeling of happiness one gets after watching LeBron James and the Miami Heat lose in the NBA finals.
Weren't the Heat suppose to walk away with this one? I can't stop laughing from this feeling of LeBronen Freude.
by A^J June 12, 2011
The result when criticizing someone's work where you take it, rip it up into pieces, and then throw those pieces into the air.
That meeting went horrible, my boss threw sad confetti at me.
by A^J July 02, 2014
Reality TV shows that are often edited and scripted in a way to play into the preconceived notions of the viewer on working class people, giving them hallow viewing pleasure at the expense of others.
Oh man, did you see those dumb people on Honey Boo Boo/Jersey Shore/ Real Housewives of Atlanta? Watching that Stereotype Porn somehow made my own socioeconomic standing/loneliness/stupidity feel better.
by A^J May 13, 2013
Catching the STD gonorrhea for the second time.
You caught gonorrhea again? I told you getting with that girl would be a gonorrheapeat.
by A^J June 28, 2010
The feeling after watching the US team get eliminated from the World Cup for the second consecutive time.
Did you watch the game? I think I need some antibiotics after that Ghanarheapeat from 2006.
by A^J June 28, 2010
A slang term for condom.
If you don't want any milk suckers remember to wear a juice bag.
by A^J April 20, 2010

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