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2 definitions by A&JSigJudge

1. n. The elite gang made up of those who pass judgement on almost anything and almost everyone.

2. v. The act of passing judgment when you are a member of the gang Sigma Judge.

3. n. Proff that all you really need to form a gang is a letter of the greek alphabet and your favorite past time.
1. J&A were founders of Sigma Judge.
2. I Sigma Judge that mustache you grew.
3. Let's start a gang, we can call it, Delta Ski!
by A&JSigJudge December 07, 2010
A phrase coined by Sigma Judge, meaning you dissaprove and want to make your judgment known.
Person 1: I love this new Nickleback album, dude!
Person 2: Really? Nickleback. I judge.
by A&JSigJudge December 07, 2010