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A ridiculous prep/ slut store where people with no originality or imagination go to buy overpriced shit clothes. The walls in the store have been plastered with ridculous soft porn ads, and when someone walks in there wearing no A&F clothing, they get dirty and suspicious looks all from all around. Promoting sex in your magazines and website is totally inappropriate, not to mention how not one peice of their clothing doesn't have a moose or logo stitched onto it, screaming to the world "I'M RICH AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO FLAUNT IT! FUCK OFF WEIRDOS!" and skirts for 14 year old girls that don't even cover their asses, leaving their A&F brand thongs sticking out for the total male population to see.
spoiled slut: guess what i got at A&F today?!?!
mom: what?
spoiled slut: a brand new THONG!!!! oh my god! and it was only $18!!!! it goes PERFECTLY with my brand new disgustingly short skirt that doesn't even cover my ass that cost $72 and my extremely low cut $39 bleach and paint splattered tee shirt that barely covers my non-existent 11 year old breasts!
by A&F.... EEEEW March 22, 2005

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