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Casey Holds Unlimited Booze. Casey being any girl who can party as well as the wildest guy you know but looks amazingly beautiful and graceful while doing it.
I'm going to try to sex up that C.H.U.B. girl by the end of the night.
by a friend January 19, 2005
What America says when they have a problem they can't solve.
Guy 1: Hey, some school got shot up\!
Guy 2: I blame the commies!
by A friend April 16, 2004
Slang word for a person with a small cock that is wider than it is long and is also has a totally arrogant eir and general attitude and can't play the Bass.
NO Choades
Dont be like Choades
"Calling" Choades
by A Friend August 07, 2003
little house
A Chalupka on the praire.
by a friend February 03, 2003
(1) Super hot, cool, and utterly amazing
(2) Special, in a strange voice
(1)/(2) Of course you're spekle!
by a friend July 22, 2004
Those suspicious white stains that you see on park benches after one of the_real_thraxz's busy nights on the town.
Jim: Good game lads, now let's sit on this bench to have a drink and cool down.
Jake: Eugh, what's that suggestive white fluid on it?
Jack: I think Thraxz's been doin' t'milk rounds for a bit of extra cash.
by A friend March 19, 2004
1. exclamation, used specifically when confounded by a
mixed sense of excitement and befuddlement, sometimes
with an added fear of the unknown.

2. onomatopoeia, the sound made when an exceedingly small
mammal breaks wind.
1. dave: hey buddy, come get in the automobile. me and the
guys have a super special suprise waiting for you
involving a llama, some tinsel, and a small
amount of silly putty. not gonna tell you where

chaz: gazoip!!

2. bob: did i just hear a gazoip?

phill: thats just my pet shrew farting.
by a friend June 17, 2006

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