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Tessa,derived from the word "asset" (spelt backwards) representing a princess who is loved by everyone, and has already found her knight in shining armor(He's in the Air Force).
Naturally a blonde, but uniquely charasmatic and brilliant. Her intellect has been known to surpass Einstien, himself. Because she can pass College Algebra with such ease.
Her voice has been known to put any insomniac to sleep.
You'll most likely encounter a Tessa on the nineth day of each month.

If you're lucky enough, you may experience a first kiss after staring at the stars for hours. But only if you see 9 shooting stars.

She's loyal, beautiful, gorgeous, and out going.
Tessa will always be the last thing on your mind before you will to sleep.
If you ever happen to fall in love with a Tessa, don't ever let her go.

She's the one thing everyone is missing in their life.
So you'll be the one person in the world to say you're complete.
You recieve presents from her, with just her PRENSENCE ALONE!
She'll give you kisses on the lips just for coming home.
She is a master at slaying zombies, and will take over the world with her knight in shining armor.
She's envied by all.
Tessa....there are no examples of Tessa, other than herself, any attempt at an example would be beyond pathetic. Even if compared to the memory of Tessa.
by 9th shooting star August 15, 2011

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