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A terrible smelling, dime store cologne that old men and fat dorks wear. A prime example of "you get what you pay for". Cologne should *not* come in a 32 ounce plastic bottle!
Jeremy just bathed in Brut 33! I will now go and barf in the toilet.
by 9key December 07, 2004
Micro Derm Abrasion is what happens when you use cheap toilet paper - it makes your butt raw after repeated wiping much like sand paper would do.
Micro Derm Abrasions are common in office buildings, gas stations, Grandma's house, etc. In extreme cases there are chunks of wood embedded in the tissue.
Using the toilet paper in our office building is like getting a Micro Derm Abrasion on your butt.
by 9key April 06, 2006
Yet another term for going to the restroom, especially a public restroom with stalls.
So named because people tend to grunt, groan, and grumble while going poop, and the public restroom stalls are hut-like.
Well, I'm heading to grumble hut for a poo session. Seeya in about 30 minutes if all goes well.
by 9key April 06, 2006
Terrible bad breath! The kind that is so horrible it makes others turn away when you speak to them.
Bob's trench mouth made my eyes water.
by 9key October 18, 2004
Responding to pressure from religious groups, Alabama's state legislature redefined the value of pi from 3.14159 to 3 in order to bring it in line with Biblical precepts.

Sure, its a myth, but if it were to happen anywhere it would be Alabama.
"cornbread are square; pi are round"
by 9key October 17, 2004

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