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the most used word by Bush after he declared war
the most used word by scarface
the most used word by Bill Gates after Apple came out
the most used word by the Pope
the most used word by Chuck Norris' enemies

the most used word by "Tom" in myspace

the most used word by Black Rap Artists

the representation of the "F" in FML

the most sophisticated word

first word from every guy who got cock blocked
Mike: Fuck....
Dave: What's fucking wrong?

Mike: I just saw the worst fucked up shit ever? FUCK MY LIFE.
Dave: what the Fuck is it?
Mike: Fucking A....I saw my parents Fucking last night
Dave: OH FUCK!
Mike: yea...
Dave: no, no….It wasn't your dad that fucked your mom
Mike: what the fuck you mean?
Dave: It was me who fucked her...she was fucktastic.
Dave: exactly :]

Josh: fuck up that fucking fucker mike!
by 989mikj October 25, 2010

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