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traditionaly used as the number after 44 and before 46 the number fortyfive in recent years has developed into a standard unit of measure.
since a small northern boy adopded the number as a multipurpose, multifunctional unit of measure, the number has taken over in the north west of england.
no longer when asked what age you are?, what time it is? or how much is that? do you stumble and bumble as you try to scrape those math lession memories to establish the correct unit.
Simpe now reply in a confident manor 'fortyfive'
You may find in a shop or public place if informed that something yourself is actually 'fortyfive', then a moment is required to compose yourself as to not explode hystericly in laughter in the informants face.
have you seen the size of that, how big do you wreckon it is?
REPLY 'fortyfive' i think
by 91gilles July 20, 2011

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