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Good teachers are people dedicated to the education of students in their classrooms and to the institutions in which they work.

(Unfortunately, many of the contributors to this term don't seem to have encountered many good teachers. However, don't give up on learning because eventually several good teachers will show up.)
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
by 916 October 23, 2003
abreviated use of the French word "bourgeoisie" meaning the economic upper class, in communist theory, the social group opposed to the working class in the class struggle

Although originally a French word, bourgeoisie is commonly used in English because English speakers have not figured out how to place a negative conotation on upper class without using a word from another language.
A character in "Six Feet Under" used the term boorgie in this week's episode to indicate her disgust at other people who pursue money and power.

"Taking a promotion now is boorgie that I couldn't live with myself next week. But, I sure would enjoy the money."
by 916 July 10, 2005

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