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Acronym for Self-Hating Asian Bitch. It refers to Asian women who predominantly date White men.
That Asian girl is such a S.H.A.B. that she must wish she were born White even though those White guys are only interested in her because they assume that she is "exotic" and "submissive".
by 8s May 27, 2008
An Asian woman who predominantly dates White men because she is under the impression that White men are status symbols. Typically, she is a money grubber and dates White men because of the impression that they are more willing to spend money on them. The man she dates is typically a thin effeminate White man who is unable to date women of his own race but is able to date banana Asian women because of their perception that, as a White man, he is a source of free money.
90% of the Asian women in New York City are bananas
by 8s January 21, 2010
A generic term for any White man who has a fetish for Asian women. Typically the White man assumes that the Asian woman is "exotic" and "submissive". Often, the White man is someone who is unable to score a White woman and thus tries his luck with Asian women. Thanks to the "S.H.A.B." and "Farang-lover" phenomenon, he is often successful. The word originally derived from the Thai word for a White man but, since Thailand is famous for White men who vacation there to score Asian women, it has come to denote any White man who has an Asian woman fetish.
Practically every Asian woman out there is in the arms of a Farang.
by 8s May 27, 2008
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