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the pink stuff
that explodes
used mostly in halo
but may be found outside somewhere else
in the real world
Guy 1-hey dude whats u-wait. Whats that?
guy 2-its a needler
guy 1- u make it yourself?
guy 2-no dipshit i found it...fucking retard...
guy 1-say it to my face damnit
guy 2-ill say this
*pulls trigger*
*hundreds of pink needles come out*
guy 1-aaaaa my eye!
by 8108 June 10, 2005
the one schoool where:
>No one learns
>everyone smokes
>nobody cares
>lots of people have at least 1 ipod
>fake gangsters
>too many smokers
>too much time
>crappy security guards
>old teachers
>fat ugly french teachers
>limpy teachers
>awsome cool teachers
>pregnant teachers
>2750 kids
guy: dude lets go to greenwich high school!
girl: erm. im not a dude!
guy: shut the hell up dude and comon!
Girl: who are you!?!?!
guy: listen dude we are going to Greenwich High school or ill blow your brains out.
*pulls out gun*
girl: oh my god please don’t kill me
guy: move yo’ bitch ass out of my way and lets go to Greenwich high school and slack off and rely on money
girl: o-o-ok…. please don’t kill me
guy: dont worry bout it dude comon
by 8108 January 04, 2006

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