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The distinct tone and inflection of voice one gets after receiving a blow job, lasting anywhere from 4-6 hours.
When Aaron got back from Courtney's dorm room, he wasn't revealing any of the dirty details. However, once he spoke we instantly knew he had gotten his dick sucked. He had a serious case of dome tone, we were happy for him.
by 7Raulphie May 10, 2011
Seen as a right of passage in most groups of friends, the Hurricane Katrina (Often referred to as "The HK") is performed the night of birthday parties at midnight, usually starting at age of 20. The sequence of events goes as follows
At midnight, everyone at the party starts chanting "Hurricane Katrina" and begins to Make their way outside. Everyone gathers around the birthday boy/girl. Once everyone is gathered, the birthday boy/girl takes a handle of alcohol of their choice and takes a pull for as long as possible. As soon as the pull is complete, a bucket or a few cups of water are thrown on the birthday boy/girl. Directly after the water, the birthday boy/girl gets an extremely hard slap across the face (The birthday boy/girl gets to decide who slaps them ahead of time). Once the HK is complete, partying resumes with the birthday boy/girl's new found glory.
Nick: I'm really nervous about the HK man.

Ned: Don't be such a pussy. And make sure not to take a pussy pull. 5 seconds minimum.
Nick: I won't, my rep is on the line here

Erin: Did you see Nick's Hurricane Katrina?
Sam: Yeah, it was nuts. He got slapped so hard
Erin: For real, he's definitely going to be feeling that tomorrow.
Sam: He certainly got huge respect for him now
by 7Raulphie January 22, 2011
The unfinished beers found the morning after a party, usually containing anywhere from two full sips of beer to a nearly full beer can. Beer babies usually result from beers turning warm because they aren't drunken quick enough, or one sets their beer down and is unable to find it when they go to pick it back up.

Due to the high cost of beer, beer babies are highly frowned upon.
Nick: Dude, I was so drunk last night. I literally had 27 beers. I'm such a tank.
Kevin: Yeah, okay. That's plausible. I bet 23 of those beers were beer babies. We all know you start yackin' after 7 beers. Pussy.

Nick: I guess, I am prone to laying down a beer baby here and there
by 7Raulphie June 21, 2011
A face covered in blood, resulting from eating out a girl while she is menstruating, and the untimely menstrual discharge covering the muncher's face.
Aaron: How was your night after you left the party with that chick?
John: I don't want to talk about it.
Aaron: Come on man, spill the beans.
John: Dude, I got some bad Pizza Face, and you know that sort of stuff grosses me out to the max
by 7Raulphie June 24, 2011
The idea that any food can taste better by adding either cheese OR marshmallow.

Yet to be disproved, however the Cheese-Marshmallow Theory is unlikely to become a law due to the fact that it can never be proven.
Julian: I got it! Cereal...
John: Marshmallows...Lucky Charms man. Trust me, I was a non-believer at first too but you'll come around. The Cheese-Marshmallow Theory can not be disproved!
by 7Raulphie June 10, 2011
The act of eating out a female while she has a tampon in, literally resulting in a mouth full of cotton
Mary, who was menstrating, was starting to get eaten out by Joe but Joe had to quit quickly because he got bad cotton mouth.
by 7Raulphie December 18, 2009

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