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A person who is designated by administration at your place of work to clean out the refrigerator on a regular basis. This person sets up rules and regulations as to how they will discard "expired" food but rarely enforce the rules properly. It is believed the "expired" goods find a way into the Fridge Nazi's home after exterimination.
Ian - "Man, I had a frozen pizza in here last night and I marked my initials and date on it but now it's gone!"

Mark - "Fucking Fridge Nazi."
by 7O01 September 28, 2011
That one friend who always has a story better than yours no matter the circumstance.
You - "I once met Brad Pitt."

War Hero - "Yeah, I fucked Brad Pitt's sister...a lot."
by 7O01 September 16, 2011
Someone who is so grotesquely disgusting they aren't even worth the energy to rape.
Allan - Hey man, did you see that lady?

Brent - That bitch is Unrapeable.
by 7O01 February 08, 2012
Stories told by women about their sexual adventures. Usually involving anal beads or multiple people.
"Oh my god I have a great Whorer Story. Last night I let some guy put anal beads in my ass. Turns out it was a candy necklace!!!"
by 7O01 September 16, 2011

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