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An NFL team and fashion phenomenon from Oakland, California (a real dump of a town by the way, it is inhabited mostly by people who moved there from Stockton to "make it" and will be moving back to Stockton again in a few months or so). This team is more famous for it's merchandise and logo than for its skill on the football field. While there are a lot of die hard, psychotic fans with fetishes for spikes and chain mail who are very in touch with the team and the sport, the average person you see wearing Raider gear hasn't the first clue about football, the team, or the spirit of the Raider nation.
1: Gangbangers wear Raider shit all the time, usually in a fully coordinated outfit with a $20 Reebok hat (too bad they wear it so low over their eyes that they can't see that their team sucks), a $300 dollar Reebok jersey, a $200 dollar Reebok jacket, and a $40 pair of Reebok swetpants (Yeah, I said it, a 40 dollar pair of SWEATPANTS! These are the same people who will bitch about how the man is keeping them down and they can't get a break in life and get "dey papuh tuhgevuh"). Ask them who the starting quarterback is, and they'll tell you "Man, I'on't know dat shit, biotch!"
2: Yuppie pukes all over California put this gruesome shit all over their their top dolar rides. Cadillac SUVs have 2 foot magnetic logos on all the doors, a flag on the antenna, a banner across the top of the front windshield, and a decal that spreads over most of the back windshield(it's too bad they can't see through all this merchandise to know their team sucks). Ask them who the quarterback is and they'll tell you "Ya' know, I really haven't had much time to keep up with the team this year, the company is going through a lot of changes..." which roughly translates into "Man, I'on't know dat shit, biotch!"
by 7H3M4CH1N3 May 07, 2005

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