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The largest city in Virginia. With 90% suburbs and 10% beach resort. Theres mainly millions shopping centers and small up scale downtown. The city is known in the "youth" mind as hard, or hood, or gangs run the city.....no. The kids 21ish under to 12 grow up watching bet and real ghetto and see Norfolk, and then add there own drama by acting a fool. Some people have problems but most kids just follow what the real hood does to look cool, but they live in the suburbs. Mostly White. Along with that Many skaters and white boys acting black. Along with many asians due to navy area. For the most part Quiet city, not much going down, kinda lame place, it has country and farm land like 10 mins aways from downtown. some city.
Man Virginia Beach goes hard.....umm naw Newport News does.
by 7572009 August 06, 2009

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