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many people have decided to point out that the only reason the "ignorant youth" hates bush is because "I don't know" "its the fad" and "because he's bad" but anyone with a brain could point out a million mistakes within one year. he was clearly a bad decision, I'm only a senior and I can already tell you about his ties to Haliburton, how he (lets not leave out dick) is feeding off this ridiculous war. sure, sit in your high chair, maybe your too old to be drafted into the military, maybe your not concerned about it, but this Iraq war (the axis of evil? for godsakes) is absolutely pointless. I'd willingly be drafted in for a war with meaning, for a country that really needed our help, Iraq and those countries could easily make it through a revolution, it's their government after all.

and just for you right wing idiots who think that bush is a good president, I could go on and on and on and on with the mistakes he's made, the lies hes went through with, another republican argument is "don't blame bush, it's not his fault!" Who's fault is it? and why is bush lying about it?
gully: george bush is a fucking idiot.
me: yea, we all know.
retarded redneck: george DUbya let us keep our guns!
me: you cousin fucking trailer trash moron, the second amendment grants every American the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS! so go home, watch some nascar, wish you were rich and pretend you know how to read the bible
by 72Jesus December 03, 2008

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