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DJ from Houston, TX that started the whole "Screw" art form of music. You slow the pitch down half way or more. So that the song is slow or "Screwed." Very popular art form in Southern U.S. DJ Screw has died due to a codine overdose. R.I.P. Robert Davis Jr. - 1971-2000
Damn! That nigga DJ Screw teared that muthafuckin song up!
by 7-1-3 January 31, 2004
To play huge loud custom installed speakers, that are placed in your trunk. Term start from Houston, TX. To be "bangin" you have to have 12" speakers or larger. With a powerful amp.
Mayne hold up, I was at mah niggas house today, he turned his radio on, and that shit was bangin!
by 7-1-3 January 30, 2004
Mexican Rapper from Houston, TX. Under the record label "Dope House Records."
That nigga Rasheed went hard on that 3rd Wish cd mayne.
by 7-1-3 January 30, 2004

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