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3 definitions by 6doublefive321

Theoretical island where all crappy musicians and all traces of their music go to never be heard from again. Because of the craptastic nature of the music, it is never missed.
Bryan Adams sucks. He belongs on Bob Seger Island.
by 6doublefive321 February 04, 2009
29 15
Dumbass who put NOS energy drink in his bike thinking it would improve its performance. Guy originally posted on a GSXR forum (user sti2gsxr), and may or may not have posted as a joke. Nonetheless, its funny as hell because, someone, somewhere has done it.
sti2gsxr is forever know as "nos guy" after he put NOS energy drink in his bike.
by 6doublefive321 May 22, 2009
7 0
Southern slang for carrion. Putrid, rotting flesh.
The buzzards were flocking to eat the cairn.

You ain't a man until you've sat down and ate breakfast next to a pile of cairn.
by 6doublefive321 February 08, 2009
13 13