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A common variety of internet chat room bully. These individuals scan the internet boards for any tasty argument that they can inject themselves into and further convolute the issue.
Hey did you read what that thuggatroll was putting on the boards yesterday? Yeah, he got us all fighting with each other.
by 60 Central March 17, 2008
A common disease also known as super morbidly obese. This disorder can strike any human, but is generally found around the "all you can eat buffet" down thar at thems "golden corral" home of the best chicken fried steak.
Dude, what the fuck is this place! Oh yeah, this is where all the people with fatassitus go to graze.
by 60 Central February 28, 2008
The state ridiculous, or the state of rediculousness. When there is a general feeling of ridiculous nonsense about.
This bullshit just reeks of ridiculity. Ridiculity abound! This whole system is pure ridiculity.
by 60 Central February 28, 2008
The person in an organization that spends most of her time trying to devise some new form or buerueacratic paper trail to cement her position within the firm, and ensnare other Employees in a paperwork nightmare, that only She can help them through.
Drone 1: Man what the hell is this new form?
Drone 2: Oh that is the new form that Sheila our Corporate Spider implemented last week. You have to fill that out to request the form for office supplies, and then get it approved by an Executive. There is a flow chart attached to the email she sent out to the entire company. You did get the email didn't you?
by 60 Central April 11, 2008
This is a variety of teenage/adolescent female who tries to gain favored status with teenage males by always sitting on their lap. They also like to sit on the laps of older men to gain the same status.
Hey Son, tell Kelly to stop sitting on everyone's lap around here like a Crotchmonkey.
by 60 Central March 18, 2008
This word was first derived in 2002 when a two year old boy pointed at his red headed mother and said "candlehead".
"Mommy is a candlehead."
by 60 Central February 28, 2008
Nickname bestowed upon a mythical Rugby player in Texas during the early 90's. Known for his knack of heckling players both on and of the field, was banned from the Texas Rugby Union for life in 1995.
Hey Choge, do you want to play Rugby or conduct a fuckin' circus over there, now put down the beer, quit smokin that joint, and stop grabbin Suzie's ass!
by 60 Central March 08, 2008

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